Offsite Tek provides C-level consulting services to companies that recognize the imminent need to transition to offsite construction and want to chart the optimal path for sustainable success.

We are engaging in a select few long-term consulting projects, focused on developing actionable solutions that “future proof” their operations by boosting profitability and minimizing risk.


We identify and prioritize key considerations for vertical integration, technology investments, process improvements and offsite vendor selection.

Building Materials Manufacturers

We optimize the new product development process, with a focus on evolving supply chain issues and product differentiation strategies.

Venture Capital and Private Equity

We guide the opportunity and risk analysis of offsite start-ups business models, new technology investments and portfolio strategies.

International Entities

We drive the assessment of the most viable U.S. market entry opportunities, with a focus on partnering and acquisition.

Speaking Engagements

We welcome opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise of offsite construction as a speaker at industry events and conferences.

“Future proof” your company with an effective offsite transition plan!

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