Offsite Tek was founded by CEO Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey in 2022 as a C-Level advisory firm as the U.S. construction sector transitions to offsite construction from the labor-intensive and inefficient traditional building methods.

McCaughey has dedicated his career to advancing innovations in the construction industry, earning recognition as one of the world’s foremost authorities on technologically advanced building methods and manufacturing. He co-founded and successfully grew as the chief executive not one, but two offsite construction start-ups into the best-in-class companies – Century Homes in Europe and Entekra in the United States.

His groundbreaking efforts during the last three decades earned him numerous honors, including “Industry Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst and Young, and “Manufacturer of the Year” by the National Association of Home Builders. He also received several patents on offsite construction methodologies that have become industry standards.

Gerard McCaughey, Chief Executive Officer

Gerard "Gerry" McCaughey

McCaughey was a driving force behind Europe’s transition to the off-site construction of wood frame homes when he served as Chief Executive Officer of Century Homes. He grew the company from a start-up operation with four employees into Europe’s largest unit producer of off-site built structures. When Century was acquired by building materials giant Kingspan Group for $100 million, the company had 650 employees, operating five manufacturing facilities and producing 8,000 units annually for markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

During his 17 years of leadership at Century, McCaughey and his team spearheaded several industry firsts, including the construction of the world’s first offsite built six-story structure and the UK’s first carbon neutral home that achieved the highest specifications for Britain’s Code for Sustainable Homes.

In late 2016, after relocating to the United States, McCaughey co-founded California-based Entekra. The company’s first structure was installed in August 2017, drawing national attention to its fully integrated offsite solution. By 2019, Entekra was working with or in discussions with a majority to the largest U.S. homebuilders. That year building materials giant Louisiana Pacific invested $45 million in the start-up, providing capital that funded the development of a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, the most technologically advanced construction-related factory in North America.

Within 18 months after the new factory, located in Modesto, Calif., became operational in early 2020, it was generating revenue of $100 million from zero.  Ivory Innovations also named Entekra its 2020 Construction & Design Winner for the Ivory Prize for Housing Affordability.

Today McCaughey is recognized internationally as a leading expert in all aspects of offsite construction, as he continues to work with a select few clients of Offsite Tek to guide them to market leadership in the ever-evolving sector of offsite construction.

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