Adoption of advanced construction technologies and precision manufacturing are revolutionizing the build process, delivering higher-quality structures while reducing cycle time, costs and risks and boosting the bottom line.

Offsite Tek has the expertise to guide you through this critical transition.

With its unmatched experience and nearly 180,000 offsite-built structures on four continents to its credit, Offsite Tek works with companies to devise their optimal plan for boosting profitability while reducing risk during this time of fundamental change.

Leading the charge is Offsite Tek CEO Gerard McCaughey, who has dedicated his entire career to offsite construction. As a trailblazer with modern methods of construction, he founded and built two of the world’s premier offsite companies and received numerous patents on technology-driven construction methodologies that have become industry standards.

We offer C-level consulting services that leverage unparalleled experience and proven technologies for the successful transition to offsite construction.

A Fully Integrated Offsite Solution

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Offsite Manufacturing
Offsite Assembly
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Capitalize on the offsite revolution!

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